The Office of the Provost and the Division of Research & Innovation Announce UofM Research Professorships

Awards 20 professorships across the University 

As part of the university’s push for top-tier Carnegie R1 status, the office of the Provost and the Division of Research & Innovation have partnered to celebrate research excellence on campus. As part of that recognition, they recently awarded twenty professorships to various UofM faculty. Those awarded include:

  • Andrew  Olney | CAS, Institute For Intelligent Systems
  • Kathryn  Howell | CAS, Psychology
  • Roger Kreuz | CAS, Psychology
  • Joy Goldsmith | CCFA, Communication & Film
  • Andre Johnson | CCFA. Communication & Film
  • Mary Wilson | CCFA, School of Music
  • Brandt Pence | CHS         
  • Laura Casey | COE, Instruction and Curriculum Leadership
  • Gavin Bidelman | CSD
  • George Deitz | FCBE, Marketing and Supply Chain Management
  • Mark Gillenson | FCBE, Business Information and Technology
  • Jamin Speer | FCBE, Economics
  • Mihalis  Gkolias | HCOE, Civil Engineering
  • Sabya Mishra | HCOE, Civil Engineering
  • Brian Waldron | HCOE, Civil Engineering
  • Eddie Jacobs | HCOE, Electrical Computer Engineering
  • Satish Kedia | SPH
  • Latrice Pichon | SPH
  • Matthew Smeltzer | SPH
  • Hongmei Zhang | SPH


Dr. Thomas Nenon, UofM Provost, stated, “This list recognizes some of the University’s outstanding researchers across a range of disciplines. Since the funds that support these awards are related to our pursuit of R1 status, a large number of them are included because of their success in bringing externally funded research grants to our University, while the list also includes preeminent scholars and performers whose work brings significant recognition to the University in other ways.”

The university has made great strides recently in external awards secured, hitting $50 million in annual totals for the first time. Many of these professors who are being recognized and celebrated have made contributions in this regard and also in raising the quality of scholarly discourse on campus. 

Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal, executive vice-president for the UofM Division of Research & Innovation, noted, “We are pleased to be able to celebrate great scholars from colleges all across campus. Research growth in STEM areas must be celebrated with just as much passion as successes in the social sciences, humanities and fine arts, given that we are a comprehensive research university.”

We congratulate all recipients of these professorships!