Researchers working with FedEx as part of the FRONTIERS program

Focusing on solving company challenges utilizing UofM faculty and students 


Launched by the UofM FedEx Institute of Technology in Spring 2021, the FRONTIERS program enables research engagement that aligns with FedEx goals and priorities by focusing on emerging technologies in major areas as outlined in the FedEx Investor Report, or other requested areas. Early stage innovations, pilot projects and ideas that need expert leaders in cutting-edge disciplines to overcome internal challenges to execution at FedEx are eligible for this program.

Building on a core of innovation and collaboration, the Institute works directly with FedEx via the FRONTIERS program to engage faculty and students with FedEx team members to tackle specific issues to that team or op-co. And, by utilizing UofM students on these projects, this program creates a large-scale, sustainable ecosystem for the development, recruitment and retention of top talent.

Contact the FedEx Institute of Technology at fedex@memphis.edu for more information.