Academic Scholarship Policy (Excluding HOPE Lottery Scholarship)

All scholarship awards are subject to the following conditions. Your acceptance of a scholarship indicates that you have read and understand the following:

1. The scholarship office reserves the right to review or cancel awards due to changes in financial standing, academic or program status. All scholarship students must be in good standing with the office of judicial and ethical programs.

2. All awards are tentative subject to legislative appropriation and receipt of funds by the University of Memphis and final verification of academic records and acceptance to the University of Memphis.

3. Full-time enrollment (minimum 12 hours per semester, recommended 15 hours) in a regular degree program is required.

4. Completion of at least 24 credit hours are required by the end of the Spring semester each year.

5. Scholarship recipients must maintain the required cumulative grade point average (2.75 for the first year and a 3.0 for each year thereafter). Grades are subject to review on a term-by-term basis. Any scholarship recipient who earns a semester grade point average of less than a 2.0 will automatically forfeit the scholarship. Appeal of scholarship termination requires submission of the scholarship appeal form. All appeals are reviewed by the scholarship appeals committee coordinated by the scholarship office.

6. Students receiving scholarship awards who withdraw from the university must notify the scholarship office. All scholarship and grant funds are subject to the university refund policy. Withdrawals count as a semester of eligibility and will result in the cancellation of the award.

7. If the scholarship is renewable, renewal will be automatic contingent upon all conditions of the award being met. A student may receive a scholarship for up to four years (eight semesters total). Awards are only available for undergraduate coursework. If a student takes graduate coursework and undergraduate coursework at the same time, payment for the undergraduate coursework may be approved by the scholarship office as long as the student has not exceeded the eight semesters of scholarship eligibility.

8. Scholarship awards are disbursed in one-half amounts and applied towards fees during each registration fee payment period (fall and spring, awards are not available for summer terms). Award amounts in excess of fees will be made available to the students via direct deposit or check disbursement from the bursar's office.

9. All awards are subject to the provisions of the university scholarship policy which mandates that students may receive only one university sponsored academic scholarship each year.

10. Students who have a service hour requirement must submit verification of hours completed by the date communicated from the Scholarship Office.  Failure to complete service hours will result in the forfeiture of your scholarship.  Service hours are valid for unpaid work only.

The federal tax reform act of 1986 significantly changed the tax of scholarships, fellowships and grants you receive from the university. Prior to the act, they were generally not subject to income tax. Since then, scholarship, fellowship, and grant amounts exceeding tuition, fees and course-related books, supplies and equipment have become taxable.