TigerLIFE Application

Application deadlines:

  • May 1 for Fall Semester
  • October 1 for Spring Semester

If your application is received after the deadline, it will be considered for the next available semester.

The TigerLIFE application is where the applicant's information and family information will be, along with education history and additional information.

Along with the application below, these following items are required to be considered for admission into TigerLIFE:

  • Interview with Vocational Rehabilitation to determine eligibility for their services (may be done when prospective student comes in for their interview/assessment)

  • Copy or readable photo image of high school diploma and high school transcript

  • IEP (most recent IEP showing primary disability)

  • Psychological/Behavioral or Educational Evaluations (within the past 3 years)

  • FAFSA confirmation email (Federal financial assistance application online here)

  • Step-Up Scholarship application (for recent TN high school graduates available online here)

  • U of M Application (at the end of the TigerLIFE application)

  • Copy of state-issued photo ID

  • If a conservatorship is in place, a copy of the conservatorship document

  • Once all of the above is completed and submitted, you will be contacted to set-up a time for a brief assessment and interview

Once the application and documents listed above have been submitted, and the individual assessment and interview have been completed, it takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to receive notice on whether the applicant has been accepted for admission into the TigerLIFE Program.

TigerLIFE Application

Do not complete a University of Memphis application online, this goes to the University of Memphis and not TigerLIFE.  You must use the application with the link below and submit directly to TigerLIFE. 

Click here for the TigerLIFE Application

TigerLIFE Application Step-By-Step Process

TigerLIFE Application Check List

You can fill out the application form electronically and email it to us. Please save the application PDF file to your computer, fill it out, and then send it as an email attachment to UMID@memphis.edu or call (901) 678-4303 if you have other questions.

Alternatively, you can print the application out and mail to us at:

University of Memphis Institute on Disability
c/o Dr. Chrisann Schiro-Geist
100 Ball Hall
University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152