Tuition and Fees

The University of Memphis TigerLIFE PSE Program is competitive with other undergraduate programs at the University. Our cost per hour is $275.00. Students are encouraged to maintain 15 to 18 hours but not less than 12 hours if they are receiving Pell Grant, to complete their certificate in four semesters. There are additional costs for support hours. Important to know:  all University undergraduate audit classes are charged at the general University per hour rate and maintenance fees are also assessed based on the number of hours attended.

If you plan to apply for financial aid, please check both the FAFSA website and the Step-Up Scholarship website to view the submission deadlines.

TN Step-up ScholarshipIf you meet the eligibility criteria for a Step-Up Scholarship, here's the application to complete.  NOTE:  You must also complete the FAFSA application in order to received a Step-Up Scholarship.