TigerLIFE has been extremely fortunate in working with our community partners.  These partners add so many levels to our students' experiences and we are appreciative of all their efforts and hard work to support our students.

Internship Affiliations - Campus-based and Community-based

Our thanks to the many internship sites (past and present) that provide hands-on work experiences for our students on-campus and in the community:

Current Internships

Community Exploration

TigerLIFE designed a class for our students to visit businesses and organizations that represent different industries and jobs in the community so they could see and experience the environments and employees first-hand. Students are provided the opportunity to ask questions of employers and employees to help them determine if these are jobs that they would like.

Our thanks to these businesses and organizations who have opened their door to our students and give their time to assure our students have a great learning experience: 

Current/Past Community Inclusion Projects

Health Advocacy TigerLIFE Course
University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center