1. Is there an application form available now, and if not, when will it be available?
Yes! Applications are available here.

2.  When can an application be submitted?
Deadlines for applications are:  May 1 for Fall Semester; September 1 for Spring Semester

3. Is there any cost associated with applying, and if so what is it?  There is a $25 application fee to be paid to the University of Memphis at the time of application. This is the standard fee for all incoming applicants to the University of Memphis.

4. What does the application process involve?

  • Applicants should first do a "self-selection" to see if they are eligible for the program.
  • Complete application form and submit. Pay application fee to the University of Memphis. TigerLIFE accepts applications year round for fall, spring and summer semesters.  Admission closes one month prior to the beginning of each semester.
  • Submit test scores no older than 5 years, high school transcripts, IEP, shot records, and one (1) reference form. If test scores are older than 5 years, UMID can provide updated testing for a modest fee.
  • A personal interview with the applicant and a guardian may be required.
  • After review by Steering Committee, applicants will be notified by phone, email, or letter of acceptance.

5. When will notification of admission be sent?

Prior to the beginning of the semester.

6. Will there be any type of on-campus orientation before the semester begins? If so, when?
There will be an orientation for students and parents/guardians prior to the beginning of the semester. Location and time will be sent by email notification.

7. What college courses will be available to enrolled students?
Each student will be given a systematic evaluation of academic/vocational interest and potential. Regular University academic courses are recommended on an individual basis relative to each students individual plan for career and community services.

8. Who will supervise the day-to-day administration of the program?
Maurice Williams, Associate Director of the University of Memphis Institute on Disability (UMID), serves as PSE Master Instructor will be responsible for day-to-day operations, and will be supervised by Dr. Chrisann Schiro-Geist, Professor and Director of UMID.

9. What will completing the program mean for my child as far as employment or further education?
The Career and Community Studies award of completion from the TigerLIFE PSE Program by the University of Memphis Institute on Disability will confirm that the participant has completed specialized training and academics associated with career development, job skills development, as well as academic improvement. Certificates will enable students to work in a vocation based on their training and stated interests.

10. What are the tuition, fees, and other costs? Are scholarships or financial aid available?
Tuition for the Tiger LIFE program is comparable to what other students at the University of Memphis pay. In July 2013, TN Governor Bill Haslem signed into law the StepUp Scholarship for students attending one of the states PSE Alliance programs. The scholarship pays $1,750.00, per semester for four semesters. Students can apply for the scholarship by submitting a Step Up scholarship application through the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation. TigerLIFE is a federally recognized Comprehensive Transition Program which makes some grants and scholarships available to eligible students.  The Tennessee Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services offers students vocational rehabilitation education waivers based on service funding allocated for the academic school year. All students must apply for services with their regional counselor, at the Tennessee Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, prior to the semester beginning for waiver approval. (see Tuition page)