The GOLD (Guide for Online Developers) Rubric is made up of course development standards aligned to evidence-based practices and industry standards for online learning. Feel free to use this printable document as a resource while you develop your M50 course:
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  M50 Scheduling Forms are only needed the first time a M50 course is offered: 
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The Course Planning Sheet is very helpful in staying on track while building your course:
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The Course Recomendations recommends the following criteria when designing, developing, & delivering an online, hybrid, or blended course.
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In response to the ongoing need to provide flexible instructional formats, the UM3D: Instructional Impact team recommends the following when facilitating synchronous, virtual class meetings:
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For guides and ideas on conducting online assessments:
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To request the UM3D Global template be added to your course:

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We suggest Screencast-o-Matic to create DIY media quickly and easily: