Submitting Web Pages to Search Engines

Search engines, simply put, bring together the user and the Internet. Once you've developed and created your web pages, how do you market your web site so your clients can find this information? Submitting web pages to search engines helps relieve this problem.

For helpful information and services about the University of Memphis Google Custom Search, please visit https://cse.google.com/cse/.

Q: How do I submit my web page(s) to the University of Memphis search engine?

A: There are two ways to submit your web pages to the university search engine:
Note: the university search engine houses URLs within the "memphis.edu" domain.

  1. Create a request for service via the university HelpDesk,
  2. Contact Web Services

Q: How do I submit my web pages to Internet search engines?

A: Adding URLs to Internet search engines varies tremendously; some sites offer free services, some sites offer services for a fee, some require membership, etc. Here are some links that should help:
Note: Be for-warned, this service may be free or may involve charges.