Bachelor of Arts In Hospitality and Resort Management

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:

HPRM 4950-59. Special Topics in Hospitality and Resort Management. (3). Topics are varied and in online class listings. May be repeated with a change in topic. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

HPRM 1050 - Business of Hospitality (3)
(2010). Varied aspects of lodging, food service, clubs, cruise lines, natural attractions, man-made attraction, transportation, infrastructure; retail businesses; sports; special events and activities; outfitters, tour operators, travel management; destination marketing organizations.

HPRM 2003 - Special Events (1)
Introduction to special events management and potential careers in this field. Hands on experience with special events while partnering with destination Management Company to work with planning and operations in multifaceted special events area.

HPRM 2004 - Distinguished Speakers (1)
Series of lectures from high ranking professionals from the hospitality industry in areas of lodging, food service and tourism.

HPRM 2006 - Professional Development (1)
Conducting a self-assessment; development of a resume and self promotion materials; presentation skills; social skills needed to obtain and retain career position; corporate communication skills.

HPRM 2007 - Resort Management (1)
Currents events and trends in the resort and tourism industry; impact of external publics on resort industry; identifying resort management decision-making tools.

HPRM 2011 - Hosp Ind Managerial Acct (3)
Presentation, interpretation, and analysis of internal and external hospitality financial reports affecting management decisions using Uniform Systems of Accounting. PREREQUISITE: HPRM 1050.

HPRM 2050 - Food Production and Service (4)
Theory, application and understanding of safe food production methods and terminology; culinary hand tools and equipment operation including knife usage; principles and applied fundamentals of property service techniques and beverage handling. PREREQUISITE: HPRM 1050.

HPRM 2330 - Managing Hotel/Resort Ops (3)
(3330). Management of critical resources for running hotel and resort operation in effective and efficient manner; customer services, service quality, and service delivery.

HPRM 2999 - Purchase/Hospitality Industry (1)
Purchasing in commercial restaurants, hotels, food service, contract food service, institutional food service, catering, quick service.

HPRM 3010 - Hospitality/Resort Colloquium (1)
Introduction to hospitality and resort industry; presentations and discussions by major industry professionals; students submission of a synopsis of each speaker's major points. PREREQUISITE: junior-level standing.

HPRM 3050 - Food/Beverage Controls (3)
Fundamentals of food, beverage and labor control through menu planning, engineering and cost analysis. PREREQUISITE: HPRM 1050, 2050, ACCT 2010.

HPRM 3130 - Hospitality Law, Ethics & Risk (3)
Laws and regulations applicable to the ownership and operation of inns, hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, bars, and other hospitality businesses; laws and regulations that influence business and management decisions in the hospitality industry; ethical issues involved in managing hospitality operations.

HPRM 3315 - Hospitality Human Resource Mgmt (3)
Acquisition, utilization, and retention of human resources in hospitality industry; human resource planning, job analysis, recruitment, selection, orientation, training, development, motivation, associate relations, performance appraisal, legal issues. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110.

HPRM 3320 - Hospitality Industry/Rev Mgmt (3)
Fundamental principles and concepts of revenue management including capacity management, duration control, revenue forecasting, discounting, displacement analysis, rate management, and dynamic pricing. PREREQUISITE: HPRM 2330, ACCT 2010.

HPRM 3340 - Principles of Social Media Commerce (3)
How social media impacts marketing strategy, brand development, return on investment, and other fundamental business concepts; using social media to effectively convey messages and engage constituents.

HPRM 3600 - Entertainment Management (3)
Fundamental standards, techniques, practices of club, cruise, gaming, theme park, special events management. PREREQUISITE: HPRM 1050.

HPRM 3911 - Pre-Internship in HPRM (1)
Focus on the requirements and process for applying and successfully completing an internship program at Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort Management. Students will also learn about professionalism and resume writing skills. Prerequisite for HPRM 1050.

HPRM 4007 - Resort and Timeshare Mgmt (3)
Overview of dynamic resort and distinctive lodging industry; differences in core lodging competencies between resorts and traditional hotels, such as accounting and human resources.

HPRM 4320 - Hospitality Services Marketing (3)
Principles and models of services marketing with focus on applications to hospitality services industry; expansion of traditional marketing mix variables into additional development of hospitality service concepts, marketing plans, and service quality assessments. PREREQUISITE: MKTG 3010.

HPRM 4322 - Advanced Food/Beverage Management (3)
Foundations of managing restaurants and associated beverage operations; planning and control procedures, human resources management, customer service, marketing strategies, and emerging technologies; relationship between food and beverage operations. PREREQUISITE: MGMT 3110, MKTG 3010, or permission of department chair.

HPRM 4331 - Advanced Resort/Lodging Management (3)
Issues, theories, and best practices of resort and lodging industry. PREREQUISITE: HPRM 2330, MGMT 3110.

HPRM 4340 - Information Technology HPRM (3)
Framework for information technology, systems development methodologies, and strategic information systems planning; current issues relating to the hospitality industry; focus on using information technology in networked environment to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

HPRM 4350 - Properties Development/Planning (3)
Problems and opportunities inherent in developing and planning resort and hospitality facilities; sequence of property development, conceptual and space planning, design criteria, and construction management; establishing appropriate facilities requirements, understanding industry practices, and implementing properties decisions with integrated design, operations, financial and real estate framework.

HPRM 4400 - International Hospitality (3)
Issues, challenges and practices of global hospitality and tourism marketplace.

HPRM 4401 - Management of Tourism (3)
Tourism as a system; interaction of various parts of tourism; managers influence in tourism's success.

HPRM 4620 - Hospitality Operational Analysis (3)
Management tools in analyzing operational effectiveness of hotels and resorts. PREREQUISITE: HPRM 2330.

HPRM 4630 - Social Communications Strategies/Analytic (3)
Integrate social media techniques and trends into business strategy; recognize advanced principles of social value chain and enterprise systems; formulate action plans to combine key social media networks and tools.

HPRM 4700 - Integrative Challenge (3)
Capstone course integrating academic and experiential learning through service learning projects building on leadership skills. PREREQUISITE: HPRM 4315, 4320.

HPRM 4910 – Recreation Food Service (3)
Recreational foodservice is fast-growing industry and refers to food planning for special events such as: one-time events, repeated events that are not on a fixed schedule (i.e. concerts), weekly events such as football-baseball-or basketball games, or other similar venues (movie theatres, concert halls, entertainment facilities, etc.) Concessions are a large part of these fan based settings. With the solid revenue figures involved as well as the number of people anticipated for such events, planning, training of staff, purchasing and supply, money and banking, facility access, and equipment, are some of the few of the elements that are crucial. This course is designed to cover such topics including contract negotiations.

HPRM 4910 – Food Safety & Sanitation (3)
This course introduces students to the basic principles of sanitation, hygiene and safety as it relates to the hospitality and tourism industry. Emphasis is placed upon training of supervisory personnel in sanitation procedures. Course meets standards for ServSafe certificate. Students must pass the certification examination as a part of this course.

HPRM 4911 - Hospitality Mgmt Internship (3)
Work-based learning course that enables students to develop practical skills, relate theory to practice and to gain a sound base of industrial experience by working, on a paid or voluntary basis, for an organization within the hospitality and tourism industry; develops practical competencies to assist in progressing toward a career in the hospitality industry. Students are expected to submit weekly reports and a final report as a requirement for this course. PREREQUISITE: HPRM 3911. Junior standing, and a minimum 2.7 GPA.