Hospitality Management (M.S.)

Earn your Master's in Hospitality Management or a Graduate Specialist Certificate in Hospitality Management.

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Major: Sport and Hospitality Management

Concentration: Hospitality 

Degree: Master of Science

ContactDr. Radesh Palakurthi

At a glance info:

  • 33-credits for graduation
  • Online tuition & fees: $603/credit hour
  • On campus (resident) tuition & fees ranges from $585 to $609/credit hour, depending on hours enrolled that semester
  • Program may be completed completely on campus, with some coursework available online and on campus.
  • GRE waiver available
  • New students may begin in spring, summer or fall
  • Up to 15 credit hours of transfer credit may be accepted, either from unfinished or completed degrees (discuss with advisor)
  • Develops skills essential to the production, promotion, delivery, and the consumption of hospitality in a highly complex and technological, global market
  • Draws on theoretical perspectives and research techniques grounded in business, the humanities, and social sciences; emphasis is placed on practical application, critical analysis, an enhanced understanding of sport organizations, and principles underlying economic development and industrial growth