Leader's Training Course

Leader's Training Course (LTC) Leader's Training Course (LTC) Leader's Training Course (LTC)

The Leader's Training Course (LTC) is a four week course held at Fort Knox, KY. It focuses on critical military and leadership skills taught during the basic courses of the Army ROTC curriculum (MSI and MSII). The LTC leadership development curriculum and situational training exercises push Cadets to their physical and mental limits, challenging them to discover their true leadership potential.

Training is conducted in four phases:

  • Soldier First - Cadets familiarize with the Army. Physical Training and Drill and Ceremony exercises begin and develop confidence and discipline. Cadets learn to work together to overcome challenges in different scenarios

  • Warrior Leader - Cadets build on skills learned in phase I and use them in challenging activities such as Water Survival Training, rappelling, land navigation, and basic rifle marksmanship

  • Bold Leader - Cadets lead their peers during situational exercises in the field. They receive missions, develop plans, and conduct operations

  • Future Leader - Cadets receive overall evaluations of their performance and assessments of their leadership potential. Cadets organize and prepare for graduation, award ceremonies, and Family Day activities

If you're ready for a challenge that will bring out your inner strength, LTC is a great next step in your college experience. After completing this course, cadets are qualified to enroll in the Army ROTC Advanced Courses (MSIII and MSIV).