Professional Development Assignments

Professional Development Assignment (PDA) is an academic sabbatical, an intellectual retreat that gives faculty members the opportunity to renew themselves. Academic sabbaticals are mutually beneficial for the College and the faculty. We believe that providing our students with knowledgeable and engaged professors means allowing them to take a break, engage more deeply in research and creative activity, refresh their perspectives and advance professionally.

To be considered, submit a proposal to CCFA's Associate Dean. To submit, download the form, then contact Kayron Newman and ask her to set up a PDA folder for you. When your application is complete with your signature from the chair, scan and upload to PDA folder in UMdrive, along with supporting documentation.

Read the PDA Guidelines for a complete set of rules and instructions.

For more information about PDA, contact:

Moira Logan
Associate Dean and Director of Research and Graduate Studies

Due Monday, October 23, 2017

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