CREP employs an efficient, diverse staff of 20 researchers, practitioners, and statisticians, including doctoral researchers and masters-level researchers with expertise in a variety of disciplines. The links below provide additional detailed information on the strengths and experience of CREP's research faculty and staff.

Associate Director

Dan Strahl, M.S.

Dan Strahl serves as Associate Director for the Center for Research in Educational Policy. Mr. Strahl is responsible for project management, logistics, and communications. He has extensive experience managing and coordinating district and state wide evaluations across the country. In addition, he has personally conducted many hours of classroom observations and trained numerous other research professionals. Prior to joining CREP Dan had a successful career training financial services professionals. Aside from his work at CREP he also teaches pre-service and in-service teachers how to effectively integrate technology in the classroom as an instructor at the University of Memphis.

research faculty

Dr. Todd Zoblotsky

Todd Zoblotsky is currently a Research Associate Professor and head of the CREP Statistics Department. He has extensive experience in providing accurate and meaningful data and reports to aid in the accountability and decision-making process regarding initiatives and programs affecting student success at the local, state, and federal level. Dr. Zoblotsky also has broad experience in the areas of research design, data analysis, and reporting through his work on various projects at CREP. He led the data analysis efforts on a five-year Investing in Innovation fund (i3) Validation grant from the US Department of Education's Office of Innovation & Improvement, working in conjunction with the Smithsonian Science Education Center to evaluate the impact of the LASER program, an inquiry-based science instruction model implemented in three states. Dr. Zoblotsky also led the quantitative data analysis efforts for a Development grant (GRREC Get the Picture?!) under the same i3 program, that looked at the impact of the development of self-determination skills on the college and career readiness of high school students with disabilities in several districts in the state of Kentucky. 

Dr. Carolyn Kaldon

Carolyn Kaldon is a Research Assistant Professor at CREP. She has extensive experience working with districts and schools in the Mid-South and nationwide to conduct meaningful and high-quality research from local to federal levels focused on improving student success. Her specific areas of expertise include school-based research related to literacy and STEM programs, as well as academic interventions for at-risk students. Her broad research specialties include research design, instrument development, and data analysis, with which she recently led the evaluation component of the Shelby County schools' Race to the Top project focused on improving their mentorship/coaching models in the district and its impact on teacher evaluation and student improvement. Dr. Kaldon also holds a Professional Teaching License for grades 1-8, and maintains certification in all areas related to conducting ethical research. 

Dr. Christine Bertz

Christine Bertz is a Research Assistant Professor at CREP with over ten years of experience in quantitative research. She designs and leads research proposals and evaluations with a particular focus on projects that aim to improve the quality of STEM teaching and learning. She has led numerous evaluations at CREP, and has served as Principal Investigator for several multi-year evaluations of inquiry-based STEM education across the U.S. in partnership with the Smithsonian Science Education Center. She also leads CREP's social media team. Her further research interests include studies of science education within informal learning environments. 


Rachel Arthur, Ph.D.
Sylwia Feibelman, M.S.
Brenda Gallagher, Ph.D.
Sean Holden, M.A.
Cynthia Muzzi, M.S.
Kathryn Sharpe, M.S.
Pete Shearon, J.D.
Margie Stevens, M.S.
Yun Tang, B.A.
Leslie Vanelli, B.A.