Faculty Mentor:  Nathan DeYonker

Faculty Mentor's Department:  Chemistry

Telephone Number and/or E-mail:  (901) 678-2029 /

Project Description: My research group focuses on computational chemistry with three major research thrusts: 1) We explore the electronic structure of inorganic and organometallic molecules relevant to origin-of-life processes, informing experimental spectroscopists and synthetic chemists, and broadening theoretical understanding of small, radical inorganic molecules. 2) We use Density Functional Theory to propose mechanisms of complex inorganic and organometallic chemical reactions, related to catalysis and environmental chemistry. 3) We utilize bioinformatics and cheminformatics techniques in a quantum chemistry context to automate, simplify, standardize, and validate the construction of QM, QM/MM, and ONIOM enzyme models.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Student applicants need to have earned a B+ or better in both CHEM 1110 and 1120.

Application or Interview Process:  Email to set up and interview.

Starting Date:  Any time

Method of Compensation: Volunteer opportunities are always available. Academic credit opportunities are available for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors. Paid positions are infequently available and first require at least one semester of volunteer or for-credit research.

Faculty Mentor:  Abby Parrill

Faculty Mentor’s Department:  Chemistry

Telephone Number and/or E-mail:  (901) 678-2638;

Project Description:  The Parrill group investigates the structure and function of proteins through a combination of computational and experimental methods in order to guide drug discovery and optimization efforts.  Proteins of current interest are those that produce bioactive phospholipids, or mediate the signaling networks stimulated by bioactive phospholipids.

Requirements for Student Applicants:  Amount of chemistry coursework completed will determine suitable project choices, current enrollment in General Chemistry I or higher required.

Starting Date:  anytime

Method of Compensation (Volunteer, Academic Credit, or Stipend):  To be arranged

Faculty Mentor: Ying-Sing Li

Faculty Mentor's Department: Chemistry

Telephone Number and/or E-mail:

Project Description: Two research projects are in consideration and in progress in my laboratory. The first one is dealing with the surface treatment of metals and alloys to improve their anticorrosion property. A novel nano-sol from organosilicone compounds is developing to serve this purpose. Different physical and chemical methods will be employed to characterize the treated surfaces. The second project is to develop a method to improve the hydrogen storage for fuse cells using the modified nanocarbon tubes. This research is involving the fabrication and characterization of materials as well as the studies of adsorption and desorption of hydrogen.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Junior level or upper; some chemistry laboratory experience; reasonable working schedule and plan.

Starting Date: No limit.

Method of Compensation (Volunteer, Academic Credit, or Stipend) : To be arranged.