Welcome to YOUR garden!

TIGUrS Urban Garden

(Tigers Initiative for Gardens in Urban Settings)

Sharing with Students and Community Simple, Sustainable Agriculture through Organic Urban Gardening.


Annually funded by student Green Fees, the TIGUrS Urban Garden strives to share with students, volunteers, campus staff, and the community the benefits and techniques that make for a healthy and beautiful green space experience. Since the summer of 2009, the award winning* TIGUrS Urban Garden, located on the University of Memphis Main Campus east of the Elma Roane Field House, has served as an evolving model for organic, sustainably-focused gardening within the confines of restrictive urban conditions. TIGUrS has proven that environmentally responsible food production, urban beautification, and stress-reducing green spaces are well within the reach of the urban communities. We avidly encourage your participation as a green volunteer to help further sustainable practices on our campus while accruing values and skills that follow you forth into whatever community you call home. Come Discover More in YOUR Garden.
*Winner of the 2012 Tennessee Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award