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Clinical Nutrition icon

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition M.S. | M.S. & DI M.S. Combined Program

The M.S. Nutrition/Dietetic Internship and Residency program is an intensive curriculum lasting only 16 months. The didactic curriculum focuses on preparing you for clinical rotations. 

Environmental Nutrition icon Environmental Nutrition

Nutrition M.S. | Offered Online Only

The master's degree in Environmental Nutrition is a fully online, 33-credit hour program that explores sustainable food and nutrition issues. The program examines the relationships between food, nutrition and the environment.

Nutrition Science icon Nutrition Science

Nutrition M.S.

The Nutritional Science concentration provides you with an excellent opportunity to pursue your interests in understanding the roles of nutrition in health and disease, development and aging and in athletic performance.

Exercise Nutrition Exercise Nutrition

Health Studies M.S. | Offered Online Only

The master's degree in Exercise Nutrition is a fully online, 30-credit-hour program. Balance school and life with the flexibility of our UofM Global program designed for those who desire increased knowledge and understanding of exercise and nutrition science. The program provides coursework in research methods and statistics, exercise physiology, cellular nutrition and supportive areas of your choosing.

dietetics icon Exercise, Sport & Movement Sciences

Health Studies M.S.

A concentration in Exercise, Sport & Movement Sciences provides a comprehensive exposure to the field of exercise science, with coursework in areas such as kinesiology, physiology, biomechanics, motor behavior and exercise programming.

Health Promotion icon

Health Promotion


Health Studies M.S. | Offered Online Only

This program examines the various factors responsible for the adoption and maintenance of health-related behaviors and identifies best practices that can be implemented for lifestyle change across a variety of settings. Graduates will be able to design, implement, manage, and evaluate health promotion programs in a variety of settings.

PETE icon Physical Education Teacher Education

Health Studies M.S. | Offered Online Only

The master’s degree program in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) provides a course of study at the graduate level regarding research on teaching in physical education and research on teacher education in physical education.