2023/2024 Professional Development Assignments

• 19 faculty (8 fall, 8 spring, 3 full 23-24 academic year)




Rebecca Adams English Fall
Angela Antipova Earth Sciences Spring
James Bahoh Philosophy  Fall
Hongqiu Chen  Mathematical Sciences Spring
Lorinda Cohoon English Spring
Elena Delavega School of Social Work Spring
Lih Deng Mathematical Sciences Spring
Guiomar Duenas Vargas History Full Academic Year
Thomas Goebel Center for Earthquake Research and Information Fall
Eric Groenendyk Political Science Spring
Scott Marler History Fall
Mark Mayer English Fall 
Ryan Parish Earth Sciences Fall
Philip Pavlik Institute for Intelligent Systems and Psychology Fall
Carol Rambo Sociology Full Academic Year
Courtney Santo English Spring
Xiao Shen Physics and Materials Science Spring
Lindsey Stewart Philosophy Fall
Marcus Wicker English Full Academic Year