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First Time Freshman Requirements

A First-Time Freshman has no previous college enrollment after high school. To be considered for admission, First-Time Freshman must:

  1. Apply for Admission.
  2. Pay the non-refundable application fee ($25).
  3. Provide an official transcript of all high school credits with a minimum of 3 years of high school work included.
  4. Provide a standardized exam result (ACT or SAT)

Students offered admission to the University of Memphis will be notified of the decision in writing.  At times, more information may be requested (7th semester grades, 8th semester grades, new/improved test results, etc.).

High School Curriculum Requirements

The following list of high school units represents the minimum high school academic requirements:

  • English (4 units)
  • Visual and/or Performing Arts (1 unit)
  • Mathematics (3 units: Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II at least)
  • Natural and Physical Science (2 units: at least one unit of Biology, Chemistry or Physics)
  • Social Studies (2 units: 1 unit must be US History)
  • Foreign Language (2 units: of the same language)

Standardized Exam Requirements

All students must provide a standardized exam result (typically the ACT and/or SAT) in support of their application for admission. Standardized exam results are considered valid only if they were completed within 5 calendar years of the term for which a student plans to enroll. The University also uses the ACT or SAT sub-scores to determine placement levels in certain areas. Be sure to submit all standardized exam results with your application for admission. There is no score that alone will guarantee admission.

Home School Applicant Requirements

Home school graduates must comply with state law by submitting proof of registration with the local education agency which the child would otherwise attend. This document must be submitted with the high school transcript at the time an application is being considered for admission.

High school curriculum requirements are the same for students who are home schooled as they are for those in traditional high school settings.

Students can choose to take either the ACT, the SAT, or both in support of their application for admission. All scores, including sub-scores, are necessary when evaluating any student for admission and must be submitted directly from the testing agency itself.

GED or HiSET Applicant Requirements

Students who successfully complete the General Education Diploma Test (GED) or the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) must have the official exam results submitted to the Office of Admissions. The minimum requirement for admission is an average score of 450 or 45 respectively.

GED/HiSET applicants must submit ACT or SAT scores if under 21 years of age. Those applicants older than 21 must provide an ACCUPLACER exam instead of the ACT or SAT.

Adult Applicant Requirements

Adult students are defined as being 21 years of age or older when they start college for the first time. In addition to providing an official copy of their high school transcript, these students must take the ACCUPLACER exam in place of either an ACT or SAT standardized exam.

Adult students may have either a regular high school diploma or a GED/HiSET and still be considered for admission. Applicants may be asked to provide additional information about their academic and career goals.

Non-Degree Transient Requirements

Transient students are one of several classifications of non-degree status.  These students take classes at UofM and transfer them back to their home institution. Like all non-degree classifications, there is no “major” for a transient student candidate, but they should indicate they plan to return to their current institution.

Transient Students should understand the following:

  • Financial aid is not available to transient students at UofM.
  • There is a maximum of 24 credits that can be earned in a non-degree category. 
  • There is no need to submit official transcripts and supporting documents to be offered admission. 
    • Should a candidate decide to formally transfer to UofM, these documents will be required at time.
  • Because transient student enrollment will ultimately be transferred back to a home institution, there is no professional advising required at UofM.
    • Transient students must still take curricular pre-requisites to take certain classes.
    • An unofficial transcript from a home institution may be necessary to confirm these pre-requisites.

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