The Value of a UofM Education

The UofM is committed to providing quality education at an affordable price. We offer a guaranteed tuition plan with locked-in rates for eight consecutive semesters.

College is worth every penny you invest in it. Your degree will open doors and opportunities that will change your life. So, keeping up with tuition and fees is important. University & Student Business Services (USBS) is your go-to place for student fee information. By exploring the website of University & Student Business Services, you'll find your student fee information and general payment guidelines; and you can go to TigerXpress, where you can view your account detail, pay your fees and charges online, sign up for the Installment Payment Plan, and sign up for eRefunds (direct deposit) for fastest receipt of excess financial aid/scholarships.

Tuition Overview

Place of residency can affect tuition.

  • Tennessee Residents: In-state students incur the standard tuition rates.
  • Non-Residents: The UofM offers a substantial tuition reduction compared to previous costs to non-resident students (undergraduate students who attend(ed) a high school outside the State of Tennessee or the border counties of the Memphis metropolitan area). This benefit means students are charged the equivalent of in-state tuition rates on any credits over 12 in a given term.
  • Border County Residents: There is no change in tuition charges for those students who reside in one of the 5 bordering counties. Learn more >

Review the residency policy to learn more.

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Price + Fit = Access Memphis

We believe income should never get in the way of education. That’s why we’ve had the lowest tuition and fee increases in the state of Tennessee over the past five years. More than 90% of our full-time freshmen receive financial aid, and once enrolled, are supported through various ACCESS MEMPHIS programs, dedicated to helping keep them in school and meet educational goals. Because at UofM, we’re all about forward progress. 


Guaranteed Tuition Plan: Lock in your rate for eight consecutive semesters.
Tuition Cap: Credit hours above 12 hours for undergraduate Tennessee residents and 10 hours for graduate Tennessee residents incur no additional charge.
Uniform Tuition Rates: Traditional and online courses are offered at the same rate per credit hour.


Scholarship Opportunities: 700+ scholarships are awarded annually. Academic scholarships begin at 3.25 GPA and 22 ACT or SAT equivalent. Additional scholarships based on leadership, service and diversity.
The Memphis Promise: The Memphis Promise is a commitment to assist Tennessee residents with funding their college education at the University of Memphis by awarding a last-dollar scholarship to fill the gap between a student’s financial aid and the cost of tuition.

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