Transfer Credit Request Instructions

Who should complete the Transfer Credit Request Form (TCR)?

Any University of Memphis student considering taking courses at another institution, and that institution is not listed on the Transfer Equivalency Table, should complete the TCR form.  It is the student's responsibility to initiate the process, however it is recommended that students discuss this plan with their academic advisor before starting the process to make sure it is appropriate for them.  The TCR process involves the Admissions Office and the student's academic advisor.  An approved TCR serves as assurance that the course will transfer and how it will count towards satisfying degree requirements.

Listed below are the steps involved:

  1. Students can access the TCR form online: (https://www.memphis.edu/admissions/pdfs/tcr.docx).  Please download the form and complete Section I and save the form to your computer.
  2. Once the form is completed and saved, it should be attached to an email and sent to the Admissions Office at admissions@memphis.edu. Please be sure to include copies of the course description/s that the student plans to take in the same email.
  3. The Admissions Office will complete Section II (course information table), sign and forward the form to the student’s academic advisor via email requesting his/her signature. The advisor is responsible for returning the form to the Admissions Office.
  4. A copy of the signed TCR is kept on file in the Admissions Office until the student’s transcript is received and credits can be posted to the student’s UofM record. A copy of the TCR is also sent to the student’s graduation analyst as well as to the student.

Transfer Credit Policy and Residence Requirements

Undergraduate students who want to apply courses taken at another college/university must understand the residency requirements to be met in order to graduate with a University of Memphis degree.

  • A student will satisfy residence requirements for graduation by earning at least twenty-five (25) percent of credit hours required for the degree at the University of Memphis.
  • At least thirty (30) of the final sixty (60) hours required for the degree must be completed at the University of Memphis.
  • A student transferring credits from a two-year college or institution must complete, as a requirement for the baccalaureate degree, a minimum of (60) sixty semester hours in an accredited senior (four-year) institution.

Academic credit completed at another institution or higher education content provider can be considered for credit at the U of M if it meets at least one of the following conditions:

  • It is completed at a regionally accredited institution
  • It has been or can be demonstrated to be substantially similar to a University of Memphis course (this generally requires approval from the course delivering academic unit)

Credits from institutions on the quarter hour system will be converted to semester hours using the formula of one quarter equals two-thirds of a semester hour.

The maximum credit hour load allowed for any term includes all course enrollments both at the University of Memphis and at other institutions. Review the policy for credit hour load at: Maximum Credit Hour Load in the catalog.

General Education Requirements

The University General Education Program promotes a shared core learning experience for all undergraduate students at the University of Memphis and provides a framework upon which the college major can build. A complete listing of the courses fulfilling general education requirements is available on the TBR web site  under Transfer and Articulation Information.