Frequently Used Banner Forms

SAAACKL: Detailed Admission decision

SAADCRV: Admission decision

SCADETL: TN eCampus (formerly RODP) equivalents to on campus courses

SFAREGQ: Student schedule

SFASRPO: Permits

  • not all advisors will have access to this screen

SFASTCA: Registration history

  • this screen gives you the registration audit trail and also shows any error messages the student may have received.

SGAADVR: Lists advisor

  • only certain users can edit this screen

SGASTDN: General student form

  • use this form to get general information about a student as class standing, major, concentration and catalog

SHATATR: Transfer Equivalency Tables

  • find equivalencies for courses taken at other institutions.

SHATRNS: Transfer courses

  • see what the original course numbers and titles were from the previous institution

SOAHOLD: Registration and transcript holds

  • this screen will list bursar, admissions and CARES holds.

SOATEST: Test scores

  • use this screen to look up ACT and ALEKS scores

SPAAPIN: Remove alternate pin

SPACMNT: Comments

SPAIDEN: Student Bio/Demo Information

  • use this form to get address, telephone number, e-mail, demographic and next-of-kin information.

SZAADEF: Deficiencies and Developmental Studies

  • use this form to see if student needs combo courses, ACAD 1100 History courses.