Errors and Problems

Below is a list of errors you might encounter when trying to register for classes. If you encounter an error not discussed here, of if you need further clarification, contact the Registrar's Office.

Registration Errors

No entry is valid: you need to be advised and cleared to register. Contact your advisor/advising unit.

You are trying to enroll in a course that is not appropriate for your student classification — Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior. (For example, if you have Sophomore standing or higher, you cannot enroll in ACAD 1100.) You will not be able to register for this course unless you receive a permit.

All of the seats allotted for the section have been filled. If the term has not started, you may be able to add yourself to the waitlist. 

You are attempting to add a course that requires one or more co-requisites, that is, another course or courses that must be taken along with the course you have entered. You need to add all required courses in one submission.

You have already added this course. If you wish to change sections, perform a drop-add in one submission.

You are trying to take a course/section that is not appropriate for your level — Undergraduate, Graduate, or Law.

You have added only the lecture or lab section of a course that requires that both the lab and the lecture be taken together in the term. Add both sections in one submission.

You cannot exceed the maximum course load for your level without receiving special permission. Refer to your Catalog for more information.

You will receive this error when you try to register, or add or drop classes, when registration for the term you have selected has been disabled. Term registration downtimes are announced in advance in the portal. When required, this downtime is usually scheduled overnight between 4:30pm and 1:00am.

You may register for this section only if you have a permit.

The registration system has no record of your having taken this course's required prerequisite or having tested out of the prerequisite. Example, you want ENGL 1020 but you have neither passed ENGL 1010 (or its equivalent), nor tested out of ENGL 1010.

Some courses may be repeated for credit, but only for a limited number of times. You are attempting to add a course that you have already taken and passed for the limit. To take it again, you will have to be granted a permit.

SR = Student Restriction. "SR" may appear in your Search results if:

  • You have not been admitted or readmitted for the term. See "You require re-admission prior to registration" below.
  • You have a registration hold on your record. See Holds and Common Holds.
  • You don't have a registration Time ticket. See "You have no registration time ticket" below.

You are trying to register for two or more courses whose meeting times overlap. Adjust your schedule, or request a permit for minor time conflicts (ex., one class ends at 9:15 but another starts at 9:15).

If you have registered for a Combo section, you are more likely to receive this error than someone who hasn't. Combo sections have two meeting patterns — a Mon/Wed pattern and a Tues/Thurs pattern, and you must attend both meeting patterns. Because the Tues/Thurs pattern is listed below the Mon/Wed pattern in "Browse Classes," students often overlook the Tues/Thurs pattern. This can lead to the Time Conflict problem: another Tues/Thurs course you have registered for is likely in conflict with the Combo's Tues/Thurs pattern.

The registration system allows you 2000 attempts at adding or dropping classes per term. Once you exceed this maximum, you are "locked out" of that term's online registration. If you are locked out, contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.

The University does not have a record of your Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) immunization. Unless this is on file with Student Health Services, you will be restricted to a part-time course load. For more information, see Immunization: MMR.

You cannot register yet for one of these reasons: (1) You have not been fully accepted for admission. Contact Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions to inquire about your admission status. (2) You need to be readmitted because you did not attend during the last Fall or Spring term. (3) It's too early for someone in your classification to register. Refer to the term's Dates & Deadlines calendar for your first day to register.

When you skip a Fall or Spring term, you must apply for readmission.

Normally, you are allowed to skip the Summer term. However, if you apply for admission/readmission to the Summer term, but don't take any Summer classes, you will receive the re-admission error message if you try to register for Fall. Since you didn't take Summer classes, the registration system "thinks" you decided not to attend at all.

Furthermore, if you admit or readmit for Summer and register for both Summer and Fall classes, you will run into a problem with your Fall schedule if you drop your Summer schedule during the Summer Drop Period. You won't be able to access your Fall schedule because, the registration system now considers you an Inactive rather than Active student, and it will not allow an Inactive student to register. Once you apply for readmission to the Fall, you will be able to modify your Fall schedule.

Because your advisor has your registration record under review, you cannot update it. Once the advisor closes the record, you will be able to access your record. If in some rare instance you find that the record is locked for a very long time (hours), you should probably contact your advisor.