Student and Advisor Responsibilities

As a student, you have responsibilities to ensure that the advising process meets your needs.

1. Find your advisor by visiting the advisor directory. If you need additional assistance, contact us.

2. Accept responsibility for academic choices.

3. See your advisor at least once a semester to plan your schedule of coursework and seek further help from the advisor when needed.

4. Be aware of graduation requirements.

5. Keep current on academic policies, procedures, and requirements by reviewing the Undergraduate Catalog, schedule of classes, and degree plans.

6. Keep a folder of all of your advising records.

7. Develop social, academic, and career goals.


The academic advisor has responsibilities as well.

1. Assist students in selecting courses for the upcoming semester.

2. Provide students with correct academic information about graduation requirements for their selected degree program. Encourage students to review their progress in order to ensure early detection of problems.

3. Help students develop a course of study – including the selection of electives – that reflects each student's academic background, personal situation, and educational goals.

4. Maintain an up-to-date record for each student.

5. Provide students with information about alternatives, limitations, program changes, and the consequences of academic decisions.

6. Serve as a mentor to foster students' progress in their academic pursuits.

7. Provide information on how students can reach you.

8. Be aware of campus and community resources.

9. Help students become aware of their academic, educational, and personal needs and be aware of how these needs affect their educational and career goals.