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What Anthropology Can Do for Your Career

Fieldwork in Uganda with alumna Genesa Gebers


The University of Memphis offers a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology in two core concentrations- Medical Anthropology and Globalization, Development, and Culture. The major prepares you to serve business clients and consumers from diverse communities and to compete in a global marketplace. Our nationally recognized Graduate Program is one of the oldest Applied Anthropology programs in the US and is designed to train you to apply the theoretical and methodological foundations you learn in the classroom in professional settings.

Students pursuing a Master of Arts in Anthropology join a nationally-recognized applied program. Students benefit from opportunities to work directly with local organizations, and gain experience in community development, environmental justice and sustainability, cultural identity and heritage, health disparities, healthcare systems, health risk and business anthropology. The networks, knowledge, and experience students build is invaluable for future employment. In a 2014 survey, 90% of alumni from the MA program reported that they were satisfied with the quality of their education, and over 84% say their MA plays a significant role in their overall career satisfaction.

Graduate students with a particular interest in Medical Anthropology have the option to complete a concentration in this growing field.Training through this concentration is designed to link scholarship with practice, offering you the skills to investigate development and the distribution of health and illness within populations, health disparities, prevention initiatives, medical care, and caregiving within a global perspective.

Regardless of concentration, the MA program provides you with the opportunity to work directly with organizations who benefit from your unique knowledge and, in turn, gives you real world experience in the community development, community health, and business arenas. The networks, knowledge, and experience you will build through this first hand learning is invaluable to your future employment prospects after graduating from our challenging, rewarding, and award winning program.

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