Graduate Students

 Kara Alford

Kara Alford

Education: BA in Psychology with a minor in Cultural Anthropology from Cottey College
Research Interests: how military personnel perceive culture and if and how this can impact their job, power structures and their influences

Email: kalford1@memphis.edu


Alexandria Boykins

Education: BA Anthropology at University of Memphis, 2017
Research Interests: Race, power, social inequality, marginalized communities, and “minority” health 

Email: boykins2@memphis.edu

 Chris Cosby

Chris Cosby

Education: BA, University of Memphis, 2008
Research Interests: Ethnobotany, indigenous ecological knowledge systems, landscape anthropology, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, Latin America

Email: ccosby@memphis.edu


Michelle Harrington
Email: mhrrngt2@memphis.edu


Joyce Harris

Email: jmwebb2@memphis.edu


Nora Holzinger
Email: nfhlzngr@memphis.edu

 Erin Kay

Erin Kay

Education: BA in Anthropology at the University of Memphis, 2017
Research Interests: Business anthropology, organizational anthropology, Design anthropology, participatory action research, community collaboration, community-based research and service-learning.

Email: ekay1@memphis.edu

Ryan Kilfoil

Ryan Kilfoil

Education: BA Political Science and  Anthropology at Dowling College
Research Interests: anthropology of food; anthropology of science and technology; anthropology of tourism; capitalist alterity; geographies of value; materiality; naturecultures; representation and scale; resistance to technology
Email: rrklfoil@memphis.edu


Suzanna Marshall
Email: sdmrshl1@memphis.edu

Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller

Education: BA in Political Science, BA in Crime, Law and Justice, Penn State University, 2012
Research Interests: Human Rights and Social Justice, Policy, Identity, Power Structures, Decision-Making, Community Organization, Participatory Action Research, Environmental Justice

Email: mmller48@memphis.edu


Robyn Pennella

Email: rpnnella@memphis.edu


Aaliyah Shivers
Email: aaliyah.shivers@memphis.edu


Tiffinie Snowden
Education: BA in Anthropology, Certificate of Cultural Diversity in Healthcare, Wright State University 2017
Research Interests: reproductive justice, Black women, health disparities, institutional coercion, policy reform
Email: tbsnwden@memphis.edu

 Darien Sproesser

Darien Sproesser
Education: BA in Anthropology and minor in Medical Humanities and History, The Ohio State University, 2018
Research Interests: Medical Anthropology, HIV/AIDS, Food Insecurity, Biomedicine, Public Health, and Health Policy
Email: darien.s@memphis.edu


Randy Stark

Email: rastark@memphis.edu


Joshua Swiatek

Email: jcswatek@memphis.edu

 Alexis Wade

Alexis Wade

Email: awade10@memphis.edu


Christine Wunrow
Education: B.A. Anthropology, The University of Memphis, 2018
Research Interests: Cultural Heritage, Museum Studies, Postmodern anthropology, Discourses of Power, Post-Colonial Theories
Email: cwunrow@memphis.edu