Graduate Students

Lydia Babcock

Lydia Babcock (Med/MPH Track) 

Committee: Lambert-Pennington, Feldman, Robertson  

Email: Lbabock@memphis.edu  

Sharlecia Blue

Sharlecia Blue (Med Track) 

Committee: Lambert-Pennington, Hicks 

Email: srblue@memphis.edu  

Mary Carnes

Mary Carnes (Med/MPH Track) 

Committee: Brondo, Hicks, Robertson 

Email: Mcarnes1@memphis.edu  

Ryan DeMato

Ryan Demato (Med/MPH Track)

Committee: Brondo, Lambert-Pennington, Robertson 

Email: rmdemato@memphis.edu 


Jennie Doss  

Committee: Feldman (chair)

Email: jdoss5@memphis.edu  

Mackenna Gordon

Mackenna (Mac) Gordon (Med Track)

Committee: Hicks , Perez, Maclin 

Email: Mjgrdon1@memphis.edu   

Reaghan Gough

Reaghan Gough  

Committee: Feldman, Perez, Obiwo 

Email: rgough@memphis.edu 

Michele Harrington

Michele Harrington  

Committee: Hicks, Hyland, Maclin 

Email: mhrrngt2@memphis.edu   

Myranda Horn

Myranda Horn  

Committee: Perez, Feldman, Trapp  

Email: Mhorn@memphis.edu   

Lily Johnson

Lily Johnson (Med Track)

Committee: Hicks (chair) 

Email: ljjhnsn3@memphis.edu 

 Ryan Kilfoil

Ryan Kilfoil  

Committee: Brondo, Maclin, Hicks 

Email: rrklfoil@memphis.edu   


Paul Knipple

Committee: Trapp (chair)

Email: pbknpple@memphis.edu   

Breanna Kramer

Breanna Kramer (Med Track)

Committee: Hicks, Perez, Feldman 

Email: Brkramer@memphis.edu   

Mallory Macgruder

Mallory Magruder

Committee: Trapp (chair)

Email: mmgruder@memphis.edu  

Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller (Med/MPH Track)

Committee: Perez,  Feldman, Maclin

Education: BA in Political Science, BA in Crime, Law and Justice, Penn State University, 2012
Research Interests: Human Rights and Social Justice, Policy, Identity, Power Structures, Decision-Making, Community Organization, Participatory Action Research, Environmental Justice

Email: mmller48@memphis.edu

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore  

Committee: Perez, Feldman, Trapp, Steele 

Email: semoore8@memphis.edu  

Donroy Providence

Donroy Providence

Committee: Perez, Maclin (Committee Chair), Brondo 

Email: drprvdnc@memphis.edu  

Jennifer Quas

Jennifer Quas (Med Track)

Committee: Feldman, Hicks, Trapp 

Email: jquas@memphis.edu  

Crys Riles

Crys Riles  

Committee: Trapp, Lambert-Pennington, Maclin 

Email: cariales@memphis.edu  

Nay Ross

DaNaysia Ross (Med Track)

Committee: Hicks, Lambert-Pennington, Feldman 

Email: Dross@memphis.edu   

Kat Robinson

Kaitlin Robinson (Med/MPH Track) 

Committee: Trapp, Brondo, Perez 

Email: Knrbnsn3@memphis.edu  


Coleen Runnion  

Committee: Trapp (chair) 

Email: ckrnnion@memphis.edu  


Randy Stark  

Committee: Trapp , Perez, Feldman 

Email: Rastark@memphis.edu   


Joshua Swiatek  

Committee: Trapp,  Lambert-Pennington (Practicum supervisor), Guthrie 

Email: Jcswatex@memphis.edu  


Phillip Trentham

Committee: Feldman (chair) 

Email: ptrnthem@memphis.edu 


Vanessa Waites

Committee: Brondo, Trapp, Maclin 

Email: Vwaites@memphis.edu