Graduate Students

Jennie doss

Jennie Doss (She/Her)

Committee: Feldman (chair). Lambert-Pennington, Maclin

Prior education: B.S. in Horticulture from Missouri State University, B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Arizona

Research interests: Community Development, Environmental Justice, and Social Justice. 

Current Research: Jennie's current research looks into the connections between data availability in Memphis based nonprofits and how they use data to shape the important work that they do to address inequity in the midsouth. 

Email: jdoss5@memphis.edu  

Michele Harrington

Michele Harrington (She/Her)

Committee: Hicks, Hyland, Maclin 

Email: mhrrngt2@memphis.edu   

Myranda Horn

Myranda Horn (She/Her)

Committee: Perez, Feldman, Trapp  

Email: Mhorn@memphis.edu   

Lily Johnson

Lily Johnson (Med Track) (She/Her)

Committee: Hicks (chair) 

Email: ljjhnsn3@memphis.edu 

 Ryan Kilfoil

Ryan Kilfoil  (He/Him)

Committee: Brondo, Maclin, Hicks 

Email: rrklfoil@memphis.edu   


Paul Knipple (He/Him)

Committee: Trapp (chair)

Email: pbknpple@memphis.edu   

Mallory Macgruder

Mallory Magruder (She/Her)

Committee: Trapp (chair)

Email: mmgruder@memphis.edu  

Donroy Providence

Donroy Providence (He/Him)

Committee: Perez, Maclin (Committee Chair), Brondo 

Prior Education: Bachelor of Applied Arts in Modern Music Ministry from Visible Must College

Current Research: "Heritage, Identity and Development in Stanton, Tennessee." A study with the town of Stanton, TN, 45 minutes outside of Memphis, where the multi-billion-dollar Ford Motor's Blue Oval City along with SK innovations battery manufacturing plant will be built. This project captures the oral history of the town, but also to identify how their cultural identity is linked to/impacts socio-economic development. 

Email: drprvdnc@memphis.edu  

Crys Riles

Crys Riles (They/Them)

Committee: Trapp (Chair), Lambert-Pennington, Maclin 

Prior Education: Associate of Occupational Studies in Culinary Arts, Bachelor's of Professional Studies in Culinary Anthropology

Research Interests: Food anthropology, food insecurity, systemic barriers to access, taste, food justice

Current Research: I am currently researching a shared-use commercial kitchen and the multiple ways it interacts with the local food system through a food justice lens. 

Email: cariales@memphis.edu  

Kat Robinson

Kaitlin Robinson (Med/MPH Track) (She/Her)

Committee: Trapp, Hicks, Perez 

Prior Education: Bachelor's in Anthropology and Geoarcheology with a minor in History.

My research interests include understanding how our political, social economy resulted in food sovereignty initiatives/practices within the First Nation peoples.

Current Research: "I'm still learning what 'nutritional supportive services' means and how providing 'quality care' is made complicated by all the human and sociopolitical factors that impede Good Health."

Email: Knrbnsn3@memphis.edu  

Colleen Runnion

Coleen Runnion (She/Her)

Committee: Trapp (chair), Brondo, Maclin

Prior Education: B.A. in Anthropology from Clemson University

Research Interests: Business and organizational anthropology, public policy, political science, sociolinguistics

Current Research: Donor engagement and experience at the University of Memphis

Email: ckrnnion@memphis.edu  


Phillip Trentham (He/Him)

Committee: Feldman (chair) 

Email: ptrnthem@memphis.edu 

Vanessa Waites

Vanessa Waites (She/Her)

Committee: Brondo, Trapp, Maclin

Prior Education: B.F.A from the University of Memphis

Research Interests: Environment, food, technology

Current Research: I am exploring the ways people make connections to nature, and how those connections can foster a sense of kinship, reciprocity and stewardship. Specifically looking at the acts of mushroom foraging and the use of technology in the form of nature ID apps and social media.

Email: Vwaites@memphis.edu 

Emily Selby Smith

Emily Selby Smith (She/Her)

Committee: N/A

Prior Education: B.A. in Anthropology and Art from Colorado State University

Research Interests: genocide, mass violence, trauma, recovery, and memory

Email: ssmth122@memphis.edu


Jude Snowden (They/Them)

Committee: N/A

Prior Education: B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Eastern European Studies from The Ohio State University

Research Interests: refugees, resettlement, trauma, eating disorders, and food access

Email: msnwden1@memphis.edu

Quinn Houlihan

Quinn Houlihan (They/Them)

Committee: N/A

Prior Education: B.A. in Anthropology and Women's, Gender, and Sexualities Studies with a minor LGBTQ Studies from Purdue, A.A. in Liberal Arts from Ivy Tech Community College

Research Interests: sex education, sexual health, reproductive justice, and LGBTQ+ health/care

Email: kmhlihan@memphis.edu