Campus School Parent Network

The Campus School Parent Network (CSPN) is the volunteer parent organization at Campus School. Our mission to foster a sense of community within the Campus School by:

  • providing community-building events and services for the students
  • promoting parental involvement
  • providing information and serving as liaison to parents and students
  • raising funds to facilitate the operation of the Campus School

The Campus School Parent Network (CSPN) is made of all of you, the parents of students at Campus School. We, the CSPN Board, welcome you and are looking forward to getting to know you.



2023-2024 CSPN Board of Directors

President: Adrian Young   |   adrianyoung20@yahoo.com 

Vice President: Shanea McKinney   |   drsamckinney@gmail.com

Secretary: Kristin Rayford   |   mrsrayford88@gmail.com 

Financial Secretary: Cleo Griffin   |   cleo@cleogriffin.com

Treasurer:  Lisa Lewis   |   lisalewis@fedex.com 

Parliamentarian: Marissa Gray   |   marissamgray@gmail.com


There are lots of ways you can volunteer throughout the year. Explore our committees, serve on the Parent Network board, or explore opportunities below (check back for updates throughout the year):

  • Library Volunteer - Assists Library by keeping shelves in good order, making it easier for students, teachers, and patrons of the library to find and use materials. Learn more >