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Peer Power Nonprofit Finds New Home on UofM Campus, Creates Pipeline for Growing Memphis Model Initiative

The University of Memphis and Peer Power Foundation have opened the Peer Power Institute on the University of Memphis campus. Peer Power Foundation is a Memphis-based nonprofit that hires high-performing college students to tutor and mentor Shelby County Schools students.

"Peer Power is a remarkable way to show previously under-engaged high school students that they have the power to take control of their success, and with the Peer Power Institute at the University of Memphis, we're with them every step of the way," said Dr. Tom Nenon, dean of the UofM College of Arts and Sciences. "We prepare our University of Memphis students to be exceptional across academic, teamwork and leadership categories, to which they, as success coaches, can directly practice and pass on to Shelby County Schools students in the classroom." Read the full news release


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