Career Milestones

The University of Memphis celebrated several College of Arts & Sciences career Milestones today. Please see a list of 10-40 years of honorees.

See the full list of CAS recipients.

Student Highlights

Students in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) are not just numbers. They are wonderfully diverse and inclusive, while their research and academic goals are undoubtably the reason the CAS is committed to providing excellence in its programs and research opportunities.

Many CAS students are partners on faculty-led research teams, and contribute to scholarship in their disciplines as an integral part of their professional development and career preparation. CAS students explore career options through internships and explore the world through study abroad opportunities. No two CAS students have exactly the same set of experiences, but all have opportunities to choose experiences that will help them reach their personal and professional goals. 

Join us in this special edition of E-Files Newsletter to highlight a few of our students' achievements.