Dean's Award for Outstanding Research

College of Communication and Fine Arts

This award is intended to recognize a teacher-scholar operating beyond the level routinely expected of college faculty and of such excellence that credit accrues to the department, college, and university, as well as to the faculty member. It is made annually by the Dean of the College of Communication and Fine Arts on the recommendation of the CCFA Outstanding Research Award Committee and is based on information supplied by the nominees. The annual deadline for nominations is announced in the spring.

  1. Definition
    The award is given for published academic research within the current practice of the nominee's field; it excludes activity in the creative and performing arts as defined by the guidelines for the Dean's Creative Achievement Award.
  2. Eligibility
    College of Communication and Fine Arts faculty who have been employed full-time at least three years are eligible for this award. A substantial portion of the research must have been completed while employed in the college. Faculty who have won the award are eligible to be nominated again after a five-year lapse of time. There are no limits on how many times past winners may be nominated, but past winners should only submit projects and materials produced since receiving the award previously.
  3. Nomination
    Faculty may nominate themselves or be nominated by a colleague at the University of Memphis. If a nomination should not be selected in the first year of application, the nomination will carry over for the next two years. Nominees will be notified that they may submit an updated CV and materials in subsequent years.
  4. Documentation
    All nominees should provide the following:
    • Nomination cover sheet with the department chair's signature
    • A current CV
    • One-page narrative from the nominator describing the nominee's scholarly production and its significance and distinction in the field
    • Up to three representative samples of published work
    • Up to two peer reviews of the significance of the nominee's research
  5. The Award

The award includes a $500 travel stipend and an award plaque.