Tenure and Promotion Committee

The College of Communication and Fine Arts Tenure and Promotion Committee reviews candidate dossiers, as well as letters from external reviewers, recommendations by the departmental tenure and promotion committee and/or the appropriate departmental faculty, along with the chair's recommendation.

The Committee uses departmental and university guidelines and standards to determine a candidate's eligibility. The Committee also evaluates the candidate's potential for growth and development based on the materials presented by the candidate.

Membership in the College Tenure and Promotion Committee:

  • Only tenured associate or full professors are eligible for membership on the Tenure and Promotion Committee.
  • Each department in the College will have one elected member on the Committee.
  • One term of service is two (2) consecutive years.
  • One-half of the Committee members will rotate off each year while one-half will be retained from the previous year.
  • Members of the Committee should not serve consecutive terms.
  • A Committee member must excuse himself from the portion of the meeting involving the discussion of candidates from his own department and may not vote upon these candidates.