Tenure and Promotion Procedures

When the process begins, the following is sent to the College Tenure and Promotion Committee (CTPC) by the designated deadline:

  • Candidate's dossier,
  • Letters from external reviewers,
  • Recommendations by the departmental tenure and promotion committee and/or the appropriate departmental faculty and
  • Chair recommendation.

The Dean submits the candidate's tenure and promotion materials, provided by the department chair or director, to the CTPC.

The chair of CTPC may request other pertinent information from the Departmental Tenure and Promotion Committee (DTPC). The department chair or director must also submit this information to the College Committee via the Dean.

The College Committee reviews the departmental and university guidelines and standards and makes a determination regarding the candidate's achievement of those standards. The College Committee is also charged with evaluating the candidate's potential for growth and development based on the materials presented.

Departmental Tenure and Promotion Committees and/or appropriate faculty bodies should record and report votes by specified number. If a department or school wishes to submit a minority report it must be submitted with the DTPC and chair or director's recommendations.

The CTPC will vote by secret ballot. All members, except those who have excused themselves, are eligible to vote. Each member shall vote yes, no, or abstain.

Because promotion to associate professor accompanies tenure in all cases, unless that rank has already been attained, the vote for tenure shall also be the vote for associate professor, where applicable.

In all decisions on tenure or promotion, the College Committee shall include a written rationale for its vote reflecting the Committee's discussion. A minority report, if applicable, should be included with the Committee report.

The College Committee chair will forward the final report and recommendations to the Dean.

The Dean prepares a recommendation based on the available material and forwards all appropriate forms, his recommendation, and those of the department chair and director, and the appropriate departmental faculty to the Office of the Provost.

When a senior faculty member is hired with the expectation of tenure, the College Committee will convene a special meeting to examine the faculty member's credentials. The Committee's recommendation will be sent forward through the Dean, Provost, and President in time for consideration at the Tennessee Board of Regent's first meeting of the academic year.

Committee deliberations must be considered and kept strictly confidential at both the department and college level.