Creative Achievement Award Guidelines

This award is intended to recognize graduate students in the Department of Theatre & Dance, the Scheidt School of Music, the Department of Architecture, and the Department of Communication and Film who demonstrate an exceptional level of creative achievement throughout the students' graduate studies at the University. Each student selected by the respective department will receive a small monetary award and the overall winner will be forwarded to the Graduate School to receive a monetary award, a plaque, and recognition at the annual UofM Honors Assembly.

Award Nomination Process

  • The graduate director of each department will send out the call for nominations in early February.
  • The faculty should submit a nomination letter outlining the student's work.
  • The nominated student should submit a curriculum vitae highlighting their creative achievement and a maximum of 3 examples of their work.
  • The student nominations should be reviewed by the departmental awards committee and the final recommendation should be forwarded to the department graduate director.
  • The graduate director will forward that recommendation to the CCFA Associate Dean.

Required Documentation

  • Nomination letter from faculty.
  • Curriculum Vitae highlighting creative achievement work.
  • Maximum of 3 representative samples.