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TN.gov Office of the Governor (3/17/2020): COVID-19 Bulletin Updates >

TN.gov Department of Education (3/16/2020): TDOE Receives Waivers for Continuing School Nutrition Programs during COVID-19 Closures >

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UTHSC (3/23/2020): Información y Recursos Sobre la Enfermedad por Coronavirus >

 UofM (1/7/19): University of Memphis Project Launches New Initiative to Close the Talk Gap LENA Start™ Improves School Readiness for Infants and Toddlers

WMCTV (10/29/2018): U of M program tracks conversations between parents and children >

LENA.org (6/13/2018): Parents gain confidence, skills, and awareness through LENA Start classes >

WKNO (4/20/16): Memphis tries rooting out childhood trauma >

Urban Child Institute (4/4/2016) Combating Adverse Childhood Experiences through Resilience Based Interventions >



UofM Hosted the "Empowering Early Childhood Educators"     Summer Conference 2019

A Collaborative Coordinated Effort to Enhance Development (C-CEED) 

CCR&R, Le Bonheur, Porter-Leath, TECTA, TOPSTAR and the University of Memphis will host Early Childhood Conferences quarterly: Summer 2019, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 addressing training needs of the Shelby County early childhood community.
Dr. Loretta Rudd will be our opening speaker with topic, "Power to the Profession." Rev. Charlie Caswell will be our lunch speaker discussing "ACEs in the community." Registration for these events will be through Eventbrite. 


Dr. Eraina Schauss' Building Strong Brains Conference 2017 keynote speech