About the Master's Degree 

The Master of Science (M.S.) program in Educational Psychology and Research provides students with, among other things, three types of experiences:

  1. Building a solid knowledge base for a wide range of topics in educational psychology and research;
  2. Developing the basic skills required to conduct research in education-related fields; and
  3. Getting introduced into the academic and professional community that requires basic knowledge and research skills.

The goal of the program is based on the program requirements and the student’s career or academic aspiration. The program monitors the student’s progress through:

  • Advising,
  • Coursework,
  • Research activities, and
  • Annual performance evaluation by faculty.


Chris Mueller

Chris Mueller
Educational Psychology Program Coordinator
105C Ball Hall
(901) 678-2841 (phone)
(901) 678-5114 (FAX)

Susan Nordstrom

Susan Nordstrom
Educational Research Program Coordinator
101B Ball Hall
(901) 678-1525 (phone)
(901) 678-5114 (FAX)


Online MS in Educational Psychology and Research

The Online Master of Science (MS) Program in Educational Psychology and Research (EDPR) is highly-rated by various U.S. agencies and welcomes applicants from across the United States and around the globe. The program is designed specifically for students seeking to expand their present career opportunities or who are interested in preparing for future doctoral graduate work. In an online, but engaging format, students will acquire core knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Human development, including in the areas of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, especially as these impact student learning and achievement.
  • Learning and Cognition/Motivation, including in the areas of self-regulation, achievement motivation, self-efficacy, and theories about how students learn most effectively.
  • Research Methodology, including an introduction to educational research design, and either quantitative or qualitative research methods.

Previous graduates who have earned the Online EDPR MS degree have come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including teachers or prospective teachers, school administrators, military personnel, health professionals, ministers, law enforcement officers, social workers, consultants, and people from the business community. These individuals also often have very diverse professional interests and goals but find that their needs can be met through earning the EDPR MS degree.

The online EDPR MS degree is designed to be the same as the face-to-face degree in that online students will work with and be taught by the same faculty. All online M.S. students are admitted as on-campus University of Memphis students and have the same coursework requirement. They complete their degree program through our course management system, Desire to Learn, taught by University of Memphis faculty.

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