Graduate Certificate in Quantitative Methods

This 15-credit-hour certificate program is constructed to provide students with formal training in quantitative research methods and data analysis in the social sciences and prepare them for a variety of employment opportunities in private and public sectors. The certificate program will be open to all graduate students at The University of Memphis and graduate students from other institutions. Students will receive a certificate in quantitative methods upon completion of the requirements.

Graduates of the certificate program will be prepared to:

  • Design a wide range of research studies and program evaluations, both observational and experimental in nature
  • Build or validate measures for social and psychological constructs based on psychometric theory and models
  • Apply appropriate statistical analyses to various data sources for descriptive and inferential purposes
  • Use computer software to implement a wide range of univariate and multivariate statistical routines
  • Translate statistical evidence into usable information for stakeholders


Yonghong (Jade) Xu

Yonghong (Jade) Xu, Ph.D.
Educational Research Program Coordinator
100 Ball Hall
(901) 678-5026 (phone)


Leigh Harrell-Williams

Leigh Harrell-Williams, Ph.D.
Educational Research Certificate Coordinator
215J Ball Hall
(901) 678-4706 (phone)


Successful applicants must:

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Have completed EDPR 7521 and EDPR 7/8541 on campus (or equivalent to be approved by program--for transfer students only) with a grade of B or above

Following a review, your application will be either approved or returned to you for further discussion and revision. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Dr. Yonghong Jade Xu or Dr. Leigh Harrell-Williams.

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Certificate Course Requirements

Prerequisites: EDPR 7/8541 or equivalent and EDPR 7521 or equivalent.

The certificate requires 15 semester hours of credit. Below are the required and elective courses available to students:

Required core courses (6 credits):

  • EDPR 7/8542: Statistical Methods Applied to Education II
  • EDPR 7/8511: Introduction to Measurement and Evaluation

Electives (9 credits are selected from):

  • EDPR 8549: Multivariate Methods in Education
  • EDPR 8544: Application of Multiple Regression
  • EDPR 7/8531: Computer as a Research Tool
  • EDPR 7/8543: Research Design and Analysis
  • EDPR 7/8554: Nonparametric Statistics

If a student feels that a course outside of EDPR is appropriate as an elective, the student can complete the Petition for Elective form to be reviewed and approved by the certificate coordinators.