Earthquake Resources

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CERI seeks to understand the puzzling absence of all but the most minor topographic manifestations of the New Madrid seismic zone earthquakes, by refining and blending techniques from geology, archaeology, civil engineering and soil science. This evolving multidisciplinary process, now joined by investigators from several institutions, is beginning to unravel the earthquake history of the region, putting the present earthquake hazard in clearer perspective.

Earthquake resources, both for the scientific community and the general public:

Recent Earthquakes

Recent Earthquakes in the Central and Eastern U.S.
Central & Eastern U.S. Recent Earthquakes
- Interactive Map
Seismic Monitor link thumbnail
Seismic Monitor
- Global Earthquakes in near real-time
Recent earthquakes across the globe
Recent Global Earthquakes
- Interactive USGS map

Education & Outreach

Liquefaction Diagram
New Madrid Seismic Zone
- Paleoseismology and earthquake hazards
New Madrid Active Earth Monitor link thumbnail
Earthquake Hazard in the Heartland 
Teachable moments
Teachable Moments
- Releases for Recent Earthquakes
Science Fair Project Ideas
Earthquakes for Kids
- Science Fair projects


West Tennessee Seismic Safety Commission


Resources for Teachers
- Videos, maps, and more
UNAVCO Education & Outreach
- Learning opportunities and career information
New Madrid Compendium link thumbnail
New Madrid Compendium
- Over 600 references about the 1811-1812 New Madrid earthquakes
SSA Education & Outreach
- Teaching resources and seismology career information


Great Central U.S. Shakeout
The Great Central U.S. Shakeout
- Earthquake Preparedness Drill
Putting down roots in earthquake country
Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country
- Handbooks
Spanish Language Outreach link thumbnail
Spanish Language Outreach - ¡Agáchese, Cúbrase, y Agárrese!
Ready TN
ReadyTN - Preparedness and situational awareness in Tennessee.
Helping Children Cope with Disaster link thumbnail
Helping Children Cope with Disaster
- What parents and caregivers can do
American Red Cross
Earthquake Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Data Products

Memphis Hazard MapsMemphis/Shelby Co. Seismic Hazard Maps and Data - Estimated earthquake ground shaking Regional Hazard Maps
Regional Hazard Maps and Data - New Madrid, Wabash Valley, and Southern Illinois Basin
Surficial Geology Maps
Memphis/Shelby Co. Surficial Geology Maps - For 6 quads in Shelby County

Media Products

Historic New Madrid
"New Madrid: The Earthquakes of 1811-1812" - CERI's award winning documentary
Liquefaction Potential in Shelby County
Shelby County Liquefaction Potential
- 3D visualization
CERI Network Animation
Regional seismicity, seismic hazard, and the CERI seismic network
- 3D visualization
Plate Tectonics Animations link thumbnail
Plate Tectonics Animations
- Global Tectonics and Geologic History
Shakeout Drills
Barbara K. Lipman School Shakeout Drills
- Elementary students participating in the Great Central U.S. Shakeout
Tectonic Setting of the New Madird earthquake sequence
Building Resiliency in the Face of Earthquake Risk - An earthquake seminar