Physical Security

  • Don’t leave a laptop unattended in a public space, ever.
  • When you have to leave a laptop unattended, be sure it is as invisible as possible. In a car, put it in the trunk. In a hotel room, put it in a drawer under your clothes.
  • If you must put something in a car trunk, do it BEFORE you get to the new location. Criminals are watching you in public parking places. Don’t make it easy to be picked out as a target.
  • Password-protect your computer. To keep someone from tampering with your files and settings when you're not around, change the security settings on your computer or notebook so that it prompts you for a password on start-up, or set a password on the screen saver. Most of today's new notebooks offer a fingerprint reader that serves the same purpose. You can also password-protect individual files on your computer.

download this pdf. Right click and select "Save Target As".