Abhijit Kumar Nag (Computer Science)

Design and Implementation of an Adaptive
Multi-factor Authentication (A-MFA) Framework

Multi-factor authentication is an urgent need to facilitate continuous protection of computing devices and other online services from an un-authorized access. Hence, adoption of a multi-factor strategy in authentication process provides a flexible solution to the users and protects their identity. This research focuses on designing and developing a trustworthy model for the authentication factors based on different types of operating devices and connected media. Moreover, a novel probabilistic approach capable of adaptive and non-repetitive selection of different authentication factors is also proposed in the research. This approach also considers their trustworthy values, performance, and previous history of selected modalities.


Abhijit won 1st Place for his research poster on An Adaptive Approach towards the Selection of Multi-factor Authentication at the 11th and 12th Annual Computer Science Research Day. He also received an award at the University Research Forum (pictures below show receiving awards).  In 26th Annual Student Research Forum, Mr. Nag was First Prize Winner in the category of Math and Computer Science.

Abjijit Kumar Nag and Dr. Karen Weddle-West

Abhijit Kumar Nag with
Dr.  Karen Weddle-West

Abjijit Kumar Nag and Dr. Lan Wang

Abhijit Kumar Nag with
Dr. Lan Wang

Abjijit Kumar Nag and Dr. Sajjan Shiva

Abhijit Kumar Nag with
Dr. Sajjan Shiva

Abjijit Kumar Nag and Dr. Andy Meyers

Abhijit Kumar Nag with
Dr.Andy Meyers


Abjijit Kumar Nag Certificate of Award

Runner up Best Award