2016 Two Graduates and Their Success Stories

The Center for Information Assurance (CfIA) has established a successful student-centered research environment involving both graduate and undergraduate students in several federal-funded projects. Two recent graduates shown in picture: Dr. Mustafa Hajeer (right) and Dr. Abhijit Nag (left) received Ph.D in Computer Science, December 2016. They conducted extensive research at CfIA under the supervision Prof. Dipankar Dasgupta and graduated with several publications (in peer-reviewed journals and conferences) and best paper awards. Here are some details on their achievements.


Dr. Mustafa Hajeer graduated in December 2016 and his dissertation titled " "Handling Big Data with  a Data-Aware HDFS using Evolutionary Clustering Technique" He conducted extensive research on BIG Data Analytics, Machine Learning techniques and Social Networks data clustering for last four years under the supervision of Prof. Dasgupta. Dr. Hajeer published 5 research papers and received two best paper awards at the University. He also collaborated with Intelligent Systems (IIS) at university of Memphis which resulted in multiple publications in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Hajeer has a journal paper currently under revised submission to IEEE Transactions on Big Data. He also collaborated with a visiting scholar from a Finish University (Dr. Alexander Semenov from University of Jyvaskyla) and helped in publishing a joint publication. Since the summer of 2015, he has been working as an Intern at Intel Corporation and after graduation Dr. Hajeer joined Intel in a full-time position as a Research Scientist.

Dr. Abhijit Kumar Nag worked on Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication (A-MFA) for his dissertation. During his doctoral study, he was involved in a number of federally funded (IARPA, FEMA, NSF, and NSA) research projects at the Center for Information Assurance (CfIA) including the project on Negative Authentication Systems (NAS) in Collaboration with MIT.  Dr. Nag published 6 high-quality research papers and is a co-author of Prof. Dasgupta's forthcoming book (currently in Springer-Verlag press). He also took part as a co-inventor of a Utility Patent on Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication System (patent pending). He received several best paper/presentation awards at the department level as well as at the University level. After graduation, Dr. Nag joined the Texas A&M University-Central Texas as an Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems in January 2017.