Course Offerings

Spring 2022 Semester


CJUS1100 Introduction to Criminal Justice*
CJUS2226 Introduction to Police
CJUS2326 Introduction to Courts
CJUS2426 Introduction to Corrections in America
CJUS3130 Research Methods*
CJUS3226 Police in America*
CJUS3510 Law and Society
CJUS3521 Constitutional Criminal Procedure
CJUS3540 Criminology*
CJUS3542 Crime and Criminal Behavior
CJUS4100 Independent Directed Study
CJUS4110 Senior Capstone*
CJUS4126 Criminal Justice Administration and Management
CJUS4130 Ethical Dilemmas*
CJUS4150 Internship
CJUS4152 Drug Misuse and Abuse
CJUS4160 Forensic Sciences
CJUS410 White-Collar Crime*
CJUS4190 Terrorism*
CJUS4460 Race and Ethnicity in America*
CJUS4530 Criminal Procedure
CJUS4533 Juvenile Delinquency
CJUS4535 Capital Punishment
CJUS4565 Intimate Partner Violence



CJUS6180 White-Collar Crime
CJUS6533 Juvenile Delinquency
CJUS6565 Intimate Partner Violence
CJUS7100 CJ Administration*
CJUS7110 Independent Directed Study
CJUS7150 Internship
CJUS7535 Capital Punishment*
CJUS7900 Capstone*
CJUS7996 Thesis

*Denotes that course is available online