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Dr. Amaia Iratzoqui (principal investigator) was awarded $376,523 in 2022 by the Public Safety Institute and Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs for her work on "Increasing Collaboration among Domestic Violence Agencies."

Drs. Amaia Iratzoqui (principal investigator) and James McCutcheon (investigator) were awarded $14,994 in 2022 by the Justice Research and Statistics Association, Center for Victim Research through the Memphis Police Department for their "Evaluation of the Law Enforcement-Based Victim Specialist Program."

Dr. Timothy McCuddy (principal investigator) was awarded $74,954 in 2022 by Shelby County Community Services forhis "Evaluation of the Shelby County Youth Assessment Center."

Dr. Timothy McCuddy (investigator) was awarded $14,979 in 2022 by Youth Villages Incorporated for his work related to "Youth Villages Life Coach and Street Outreach Evaluation Preparation."


Dr. Amaia Iratzoqui (investigator) was awarded $2,500 in 2021 by the Communities of Research Scholars  Program, Division of Research and Innovation for her work on "Research on Intimate Partner Violence Collaborative."

Dr. Timothy McCuddy (co-principal investigator) was awarded $1,600 in 2021 by the Communities of Research Scholars Program, Division of Research and Innovation, University of Memphis for his project on "Convening Minds to Address Youth Justice & Youth Violence in Memphis, TN."


Dr. James McCutcheon (principal investigator) was awarded  $151,267 in 2019 by the Memphis Police Department through Bureau of Justice Assistance for his work on the "Crime Gun Intelligence Center Grant."

Drs. James McCutcheon (principal investigator) and Amaia Iratzoqui (investigator) were awarded $85,065 in 2019 for their work on "Law Enforcement-Based Victim Specialist Program."

Drs. James McCutcheon (principal investigator) and Shelley Keith (investigator) were awarded $360,000 in 2019 by the Office of Justice Programs for their work on "Innovative Prosecution Solutions for Combating Violent Crime & Illegal Opioids."


Drs. James McCutcheon (principal investigator) and Timothy McCuddy (investigator) were awarded $117,650. in 2018 by the Memphis Police Department through the Bureau of Justice Assistance for their work on "Strategies for Policing Innovation."

Dr. James McCutcheon (principal investigator) was awarded  $327,211 in 2018 by the City of Memphis through the Bureau of Justice Assistance for his work on the "Sexual Assault Kit Initiative."


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