U of M Team Wins DoE Cyber Defense Competition

Posted on 2018-04-08

A team of U of M undergraduates took first place in the Department of Energy Cyber Defense Competition held at Oak Ridge National Lab on April 6-7.

All five students are with the Center for Information Assurance, under faculty advisor and CfIA director Prof. Dipankar Dasgupta. “Our student team demonstrated excellent performance in this competition by protecting the assigned network from red team attacks, showing their skills in multi-level cyber defense and the specialized education they receive at the University of Memphis,” said Prof. Dasgupta. “We are all proud of our students’ continued success for the last few years,” he added.

The team is pictured below.  From left to right: Prof. Dasgupta, Craig Miller, McKittrick Swindle, Jon Cobb, John Hardin, and Coby Glass.  Congratulations!