Prof. Dasgupta Gives Invited Talk at MIT Workshop

Posted on 2018-07-10

MIT Applied Cybersecurity Workshop

Prof. Dipankar Dasgupta, director of the Center for Information Assurance, was a guest speaker on June 27 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's 2018 Professional Development Summer Workshop on Applied Cybersecurity.

The talk highlighted his patented research on Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (A-MFA) that uses a combination of passwords, biometrics, cognitive behavior, and other factors in order to create a trustworthy authentication system that intelligently selects the most appropriate authentication factors. There were more than 50 participants from different companies and several countries. His talk generated interest among the attendees, and resulted in an engaging discussion on the potential applications of A-MFA in many areas including the financial, healthcare, and industrial sectors.

Following Dr. Dasgupta's visit to MIT, Dr. Abel Sanchez, Executive Director of MIT’s Geospatial Data Center and workshop organizer, mentioned "Just a quick note to say thanks for coming out today. As I am sure you could tell, everyone was engaged and wanted to know more."

Prof. Dasgupta has been an Advisory Board member of MIT's Geospatial Data Center since 2010, and has worked on joint research with the center.