Center for Information Assurance Receives New Grant

Posted on 2023-11-02

The Center for Information Assurance (CfIA) has received $1M in funding from FEMA/DHS as part of an $8M award to the five-university National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium, of which the UofM is a core member.

The CfIA's portion of this grant, entitled “Cybersecurity Issues with Operational Technology and Distributed Energy Resources,” will be a three-year effort focusing on cybersecurity-related education and training, as well as outreach.  Dr. Mohd. Hasan Ali, associate professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering and CfIA associate director, will serve as the Principal Investigator (PI).  Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta, Hill Professor in Cybersecurity and CfIA director, will serve as the co-PI.

More information is available on the UofM Division of Research and Innovation website.