Accelerated BS/MS Program

As of Fall 2020, this program allows qualified students to earn 12 credit hours toward completion of both undergraduate and master's degrees in Computer Science simultaneously. Completion of both degrees within 5 years is possible. Students must still formally apply to the graduate program upon completion of their undergraduate degree; however, the GRE exam requirement is waived for qualified students in the accelerated program.

To qualify for enrollment in this program, a COMP major must have a minimum cumulative and major GPA of 3.25 and be within 30 credit hours of undergraduate degree completion. Furthermore, the student must be sponsored by his or her academic advisor.

The process for ABM coursework is as follows:

    1. Student meets with advisor for approval into the ABM program
      1. Advisor goes over ABM program and requirements with the student, provided the student meets the required GPA.
      2. Advisor then contacts Grad School to have the ABM attribute added provided the program and courses are acceptable.
    2. Advisor fills out the ABM form and issues the ABM permit
      1. Advisor fills out and signs the ABM form PRIOR to registration. The ABM form should only contain courses for terms that have open registration. If the student is wishing to take a course for a future term, an additional form must be filled out once registration opens for that term.
      2. Advisor issues an ABM Permit on SFASRPO, allowing the student to register for the GR level course. This will override the Level Restriction error. If the student attempts to register beforehand, they will receive the error, preventing them from registering. The Special Approval Permit is no longer used for ABM registration.  If the advisor does not have access to SFASRPO, the department can issue the permit.
      3. Advisor then sends the ABM form to the student's Graduation Analyst for their signature.
    3. Graduation analyst review
      1. The student's Graduation Analyst reviews and signs the ABM form.
      2. The analyst then forwards the ABM form to the Registrar's Office for processing.
    4. Registrar's Office processes the ABM request
      1. Once the ABM form is received, the Registrar's Office will confirm the student has been granted approval by Graduate School and check SFASRPO for the ABM permit. If one is not present, an ABM permit will be issued for the course, allowing the student to register.
      2. After issuing the permit for the graduate course, the UG equivalent is then added to the student's record with an 'I' grade and comment of 'Accelerated BS/MS Program'.
      3. Once EOT grading is completed and a grade is issued for the graduate course, the 'I' grade is then changed on the UG equivalent to reflect either 'S' or 'U', and the 'Accelerated BS/MS Program' comment is added to the graduate course.

For detailed program requirements, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.