Sajjan G. Shiva Service

Professional Society Affiliations and Activities

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE):
FELLOW since 1993
Served as:
Chairman, Region 3, IEEE Computer Society
Associate Editor, VLSI Technical Committee Newsletter
Executive Committee Member of Huntsville Chapter of Computer Society
Editor, IEEE Computer Society (Region 3) Area Newsletter
ABET/ Computing Accreditation Commission
Commissioner (since 2014)
Program Evaluation Team Chairman (1993 - 1996)
Program Evaluation Team Member (1990 – 1993, 2006 - present )

Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Chair, Committee to revise CS Major Field Test, 2005-6.

DoD VHSIC Program
Member of the VHDL Formulation Committee
Member of the Proposal Review Board
U. S. Army Strategic Defense Command
Member of Architecture Description Language Committee

NSF/US Department of Education
Member of Proposal Review Board
American Society for Engineering Education
Campus Activity Coordinator

International Conference on Global Software Engineering, 2010
Member, Program Committee
Symposium on Microprocessors and Education
Member of the Founding Organizing Committee
Program Chairman
Symposium on Artificial Intelligence (From Space ...Down to Earth)
Member of the Founding Organizing Committee
Program Chairman
IEEE Rocket City Seminar
Program Chairman
ACM Computing Reviews
Regular contributor ( More than 20 paper/ book reviews).
Technical Reviewer
IEEE Transactions on Computers
IEEE Transactions on ASSP
IEEE Computer
Communications of ACM
ACM Computing Reviews
IEEE Design Automation Conference
International Conference on Computer Hardware Description Languages
International Conference on Parallel Processing
International Symposium on Computer Architecture
International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems
American Society of Engineers from India
Founding Member of Huntsville Chapter
Board of Directors
Program Chairman, 10th Annual National Convention