COMP 3410 Computer Organization and Assembly Language
COMP 7087/8087 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
CS714 Parallel Processing Architectures
CS713 Distributed Processing Systems
CS670 Computer Networks
CS613 Computer Architectures
CS586 Microprocessor Architecture
CS517 Data Organization and Algorithm Analysis
CS513 Introduction to Computer Architecture
CS413 Introduction to Digital Computer Design
CS309 Switching Theory
CS308 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
CS214 Introduction to Discrete Structures
CS113 Problem Solving using FORTRAN
CS107 Computer Science I with C
CMP510 Operating Systems
CMP501 Computer Architecture
CMP610 Information Storage and Retrieval
CMP486 Computer Organization
CMP476 Data Structures
CMP412 Architecture of Assemblers
CMP401 System Design
CMP205 FORTRAN Programming
CMP202 Assembly Language Programming
CMP200 COBOL Programming
CMP101 Introduction to Data Processing
EE422 Computer Organization
EE412 Sequential Logic Design
EE312 Combinational Logic Design
EE103 BASIC and FORTRAN Programming
Continuing Education Courses:
Pascal Programming Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
C Programming ProcessMax for Software Process
FORTRAN Programming Improvement
Computer Fundamentals Unified Modeling language (UML)
Minicomputers Requirements Management through
Microcomputer System Design Use cases
Computer Architectures Team Development
Ada Software Security Testing
Cloud Computing Security

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