Mid-South Conference

The 53rd Annual Mid-South Conference on Communicative Disorders was in an in-person format this year. It was held in Memphis, February 23-24, 2023.  The strong clinical focus of the conference attracts professionals from throughout the United States as well as graduate and undergraduate students in the field of communication sciences and disorders.  More information is coming soon!

 Additional documents available for download are:


Handouts will be updated as we receive them. 

Choosing the Right Intervention for Speech Sound Disorders
Amy Graham

Effective Strategies to Teach Literacy to Context Dependent Communicators
Tahlee Yichye
Vicki Haddix

From Boring to FUNctional: Engaging and Person-Centered Therapy for mTBI
Dana M. Bryant

Assessment and Treatment of "Functional" Hearing Loss
Gail M. Whitelaw

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) in Tennessee – Connecting the Systems of Care to Improve  Screening, Identification, Early Intervention, and Family Support

Rachael Stough
Brittany Day
Amanda Ingram
Melanie Lindsay
Yinmei Li
Holli Allen

An SLP’s Approach to Dementia Care: Strategies for Acute Care and Outpatient Services
Megan Parsons

Answers to SLP’s Top 10 Questions About Evaluations and IEPs
Susan Usery

Music Audiology: Hearing Conservation and Beyond
Heather Malyuk

The SLP’s Role in Diagnosing Autism
Justine Springs
Casey Hansen

Addressing Consent in Communication Disorders
Laura Wolford

Family Literacy Programs for Children Birth to Five Identified as Deaf / Hard of Hearing
Tracy Duncan
Connie Robinson

Keeping Your Older Students Engaged in Therapy
Jamie Seek

Addressing Intimacy in Speech-Language Pathology
Laura Wolford

Facilitating Listening and Language Skills for Academic Success in Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Uma Soman

Tele-Audiology: A Collaborative Effort to Improve On-time Diagnosis and Follow-Up for Infants in Georgia
Melanie Morris

Difficult Conversations in Mentorship
Mark DeRuiter

Public Health and its Application Within Audiology
Sydney Golden Dillard
Lauren Joy
Anna Peeples
Kara Sander

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