Mid-South Conference

The 55th Annual Mid-South Conference on Communicative Disorders will begin its planning stages soon!. It will be held in Memphis, February 27-28, 2025.  The strong clinical focus of the conference attracts professionals from throughout the United States as well as graduate and undergraduate students in the field of communication sciences and disorders.

The information below is for the 54th Mid-South Conference.

2024 conference brochureClick on the graphic to see speaker and session information. (updated 2/18/2024)

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Documents available for download


Handouts for the conference are being uploaded as they become available.

Handouts for Thursday Talks

MS 1: Katie Strong
Building Partnerships and Instilling Hope Through Mutual Respect & Shared Decision Making with Clients & Families Living with Aphasia

MS 2: Maureen Wilson
How to Build Background Knowledge for More Meaningful Therapy Sessions

DEI 1: Drs. Lawrence & Moore
Addressing Poverty-Related Challenges in SLP Practices

DEI 3: Karen Crow
Gender Affirming Voice Care: The SLP’s Role in Providing Patient-Centered Care

MS 6: Megan Parsons
Empowerment: Counseling Patients with Neurodegenerative Disorders in SLP

MS 7: Dr. Ashley Kaufman
Not Just Tiny Adults: Pediatric Audiological and Vestibular Diagnostics

MS 8: Dr. Shari Robertson
I Used to Have a Handle on Life, But it Broke: Hacking Stress for CSD Professionals

Handouts for Friday Talks

DEI 4: Dr. Alaina Davis
Culturally Responsive Treatment in TBI For Youth & Adults

ET 1: Dr. Harold Price & Jessica Pranke
What Would You Do?  Ethical Implications in Post-Acute Healthcare & the Evolving Role of the SLP

MS 12: Elyse Lambeth
Using Choice to Empower Clients who Stutter

MS 15: Adele Dunkin
Building Bridges of Understanding: Exploring Autism, Trauma-Informed Care & Collaborative Support for SLPs

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