Special Topics Guidelines

Special Topics Courses

“Special Topics” (ST) courses are proposed and approved on a one-semester basis at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The available course number range for ST courses in all disciplines is listed in the respective catalogs, but individual ST courses and course descriptions (because they are only valid for one semester unless renewed) are not.

Faculty, with approval of their department chair, may propose an ST course for a different reasons, including but not limited to: course needed to cover current, timely, or emerging topics not in the current curriculum; to pilot test a course that will be offered in new or upcoming program; to pilot test the feasibility of a new program that might include the ST course topics or curricula; to take advantage of new faculty, visiting scholars, etc. expertise that is not reflected in the current curriculum.

The proposal, which is submitted and reviewed in Curriculog, must include a detailed syllabus, with textbook or required readings (albeit tentative) a requirement
A general guideline for ST courses is that they may be offered three times in a period of five years, but after that period they must be proposed as a regular course in the curriculum, with approval by the respective department, College, and University Curriculum Councils. 

Specific deadlines and guidelines for ST courses for the academic year for undergraduate and graduate special topics may be found by clicking on the document below.