Dr. Rosie Phillips Bingham Student Emergency Fund

Special Anouncement:
Due to the continuing COVID-19 related emergency expenses the maximum request amount will move from $500 to $750 for the spring 2021 Semester. 
Since we are receiving a higher than normal number of requests and processing time may take longer than usual, please allow 7 to 10 days to process to your request.

The Dr. Rosie Phillips Bingham Student Emergency Fund was established to assist UofM students facing financial hardship which would otherwise interfere with their success at UofM. The fund provides limited emergency awards to currently enrolled students who experience unexpected or temporary expenses.

*This fund is not meant to be used on an ongoing basis for routine expenses, or for tuition expenses. The average award amount ranges from $100 to $300, with a limit of $500 for extreme situations. Applications to this fund should include documentation of the expense.

Eligible Expenses

Types of expenses covered include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with utilities
  • Housing needs (e.g. securing short-term housing, security deposits, etc.)
  • Replacement of lost personal items (due to fire, theft, flood, etc.)
  • Emergency expenses related to dependents (e.g. childcare)

Requests for more than $500 will not be considered.

Ineligible Expenses

  • Tuition, fees, room and board at the University of Memphis
  • Ongoing and recurring financial needs that will continue to be an issue in the future
  • Non-emergency travel and non-essential expenses
  • Food and groceries (for help with food, toiletries, and household items, please visit Tiger Pantry)

Student Eligibility & Requirements

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled, degree-seeking students.
  • Applicants must have completed 12 credit hours at the University of Memphis.
  • Applications must be for an amount of $500 or less. Applications for amounts over $500 will not be considered.
  • Students should be enrolled at least half-time for the current semester (or for the upcoming semester, if the need occurs between semesters).
  • Students must be able to demonstrate financial hardship due to emergency, accident, illness, natural disaster, or another unforeseen event.
  • Students should have a plan for future financial stability. Students without a plan for future financial stability will be referred for further assistance.
  • Students are only eligible to receive funding from the Dr. Rosie Phillips Bingham Student Emergency Fund once per academic year and twice overall at the University of Memphis.
  • Students applying to to the fund for help with eviction notices or utility shutoffs should apply as soon as possible. Applications should be submitted as soon as a student knows they will be at risk for eviction or utility shutoff. If possible, utility assistance requests should be submitted two weeks prior to the shutoff date, and housing assistance requests should be submitted one month in advance of an eviction date. 
  • Applications submitted without supporting documentation will not be considered.

How to Apply

Students must complete BOTH of the following forms:

There is an option to attach supporting documentation at the bottom of the Dr. Rosie Phillips Bingham Student Emergency Fund application form. All applications must include supporting documentation when relevant. Applications submitted without supporting documentation will not be considered. Examples of supporting documentation include but are not limited to:

  • Invoices
  • Bills (e.g. utility bill)
  • Rental leases
  • Receipts
  • For books or online access codes, attach a screenshot of the lowest price you can find.

Please note: your supporting documentation does not need to prove your financial situation. Bank statements, texts from family/friends, etc. are not necessary.

Supporting documentation must be relevant to the issue that you are requesting funding for. For example, if you are requesting funds to help with a utility bill, you must attach your utility bill. If you are requesting funds to help with car repairs, you must attach an invoice, bill, or some other documentation of the cost of the repairs. If you are requesting funds to purchase books, you must attach proof of their prices.

Other Information

Once you have applied to the Emergency Fund, the committee will reply to you within three business days regarding your application. If approved, funds can take up to 3 to 5 business days to be disbursed to you.

Applications received on University holidays will be considered on the next business day. A list of University holidays is available on the Human Resources Website.

If you have questions about the fund or application process, please contact us at rpbemergencyfund@memphis.edu or 901.678.3594.


The number of students helped by this emergency fund is limited by the resources available. We welcome donations from faculty, staff, students, families, community members, and others who have the ability. To donate to the fund, visit the Student Affairs Annual Giving site and choose "Bingham Student Emergency Fund."